Kiddicare e-commerce website

The Challenge

From its modest beginnings in 1974 Kiddicare grew from a small store in Peterborough to one of the UK’s most awarded ecommerce brands. Privately operated until 2011 when it was acquired by Morrisons. As part of this acquisition the ambitions for the online space were to continue being a leading light in the UK's ecommerce landscape and provide a platform to support wider, offline growth.

As with the brand overhaul we needed the human nature of the brand to be reflected online. From both a UX and UI perspective it needed to underscore Kiddicare's ability to to make parenting seem simple, exciting and importantly enjoyable.

Our Solution

We began our user-centric design process by focusing on asserting the new brand positioning and strategic approach. This was underpinned by a series of user profiles we defined in our initial strategic discovery phase. Using these profiles our UX team scoped out user journeys, then working in conjunction with our interface designers and Morrisons' internal dev team, detailed features, functionality, look and feel.

Our insight around the brand's ability to make parenting exciting, smarter and enjoyable powered every stage of the project. In recognizing the role that Kiddicare plays in this context, we wanted to make purchasing easy instead of a chore, and ensure that the journey through the site was clear at each stage. The site we delivered avoids over-complication and gimmicks, and instead provides a simple shopping experience.


  • Digital strategy
  • Proof of concepting
  • Customer & user experience planning
  • Interaction design (UX / UI)
  • AB testing
  • User & focus group planning & testing


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