The Escapist

Bacardi / 42BELOW Vodka Mobile game

The Challenge

For the uninitiated, 42BELOW is a brand that likes to shake things up. Our discoveries introduced us to a demographic that don’t follow the masses. They are consumers who push the boundaries and aren’t afraid to discover new things.

Our Solution

Keen to generate an experience that 42BELOW devotees would never forget, we created The Escapist; an application that challenged players to break away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Upon downloading The Escapist, contestants would be informed that a countdown had begun. The application would lay dormant in the player’s pocket until an unspecified time, upon which an alarm would sound. This would indicate that the player had just 4 minutes 20 seconds to reach a point 1 mile from their location.

No easy task, especially if you happen to be sat with your boss or having tea with the mother-in-law.


  • Creative strategy
  • Interaction design (UX / UI)
  • iOS development
  • RESTful Web services


  • Social noise (Twitter) up 215% DOD