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The Challenge

We’ve always known that Manchester's agency scene has under its skin, a burgeoning group of wiff waff enthusiasts / table tennis pugilists. In an effort to bring everyone together under a common love, that didn’t have someone talking you through their work, we conceived Served. A bi-annual competition (in the loosest sense) with an emphasis on getting together with friends, grabbing a beer, catching up and possibly playing some table tennis.

We’re always looking for ways to encourage collaboration within our team at Ubiquitous and used this chance to get them thinking about a fresh visual identity and website that would gain some attention from local creative folk.

Our Solution

The final outcome was a novel illustration piece that gave a sense of what Served is all about. A fun HTML5/CSS3 front end brought the visual identity to life as we explained the secret formula to Table Tennis glory: Beer makes you play better. Fact.


  • Brand identity
  • Illustration
  • HTML5 web development


"Winning Served has changed my life."
Mark Farnworth
Winner Served #1