No Object Festival

No Object Branding

The Challenge

“What if money was No Object?”

The team at No-Object Events came to us looking to create a stand out brand identity for their new venture. A yearly festival for the interactive arts that seeks to inspire, educate and celebrate existing and emerging talent. Beyond the yearly event the No-Object team wanted an identity that would provide a point of focus for a disparate global community. Something that would encourage a blending of ideas and collaboration.

Our Solution

Our response needed to inspire and attract a community that’s closer to art than advertising. We needed to create a brand that was honest and spoke directly to these artists.

We began to build a visual language around our insight underpinned by collaboration. We needed to create something visually striking and, while contemporary, avoided pretentious interpretations.

The work focused on using beautiful ink and water (macro) photography. They draw the viewer into the detail as the two colours blend and mix. They have no solid form, constantly in a state of flux. It’s these concepts that are at the core of the creative technology community today.


  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Print design