Social Sacrifice

Illamasqua makeup Facebook app

The Challenge

With a penchant for the theatrical, Illamasqua has quickly established itself as a British beauty brand worthy of attention. They produce ‘make-up for your alter-ego’ and have used this strategy to carve out a niche in the cosmetics’ market.

Our Solution

We soon deduced that ‘reinvention’ is what rests at the heart of the Illamasqua brand and used this insight as the starting point to add some drama to their social relationships online. To get our message across we formulated Social Sacrifice: a campaign run exclusively on Facebook.

We challenged users to surrender their profiles in return for a chance to win the makeover of a lifetime. The lucky winner’s Facebook account was commandeered and every one of their photos deleted (we did save copies on to a disk, we’re not pure evil). Then we gradually replaced them with shots of their starring role in an Illamasqua photoshoot and a life changing trip to the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Creative strategy
  • Facebook development (FBML)
  • HTML5 development
  • .NET / SQL Server
  • JQuery JavaScript framework


  • Facebook fans increased by over 2.5k in just under 6 weeks
  • Social noise up by 75% DOD